Dserve is dentsu X (Thailand) Ltd. proprietary ad-serving and ad-managing platform that was designed for digital media. The system can generate universal tags to track all Performance Metrics of each media. Dserve can support all standard and rich media banners, which contains key features of creative rotation, location targeting and frequency capping.

_dentsu360 media
Universal Tags
dentsu360 technology
Support All Creative Format
dentsu360 creative
Rich & Powerful Features

Ad Serving Solutions

Universal Tags

Support All Creative Format

Rich & Powerful Features

  • JavaScript
  • IframeProduct
  • JavaScript for DFP
  • Impression Tracking Code
  • Click Tracking Code
  • Standard Banner
  • Pushdown Banner
  • Expand Banner
  • Pre-roll Ad
  • Tracking Advertorial
  • Rotate Ads Banner
  • Geo Targeting : Thailand Only
  • Remarketing : Model DServe
  • Ads Impression Sequencing
  • Frequency Capping

Drive Better Performance

  • Save time with our efficient workflow and smart tools that allow you to keep an overview of all campaign metrics at all times.
  • Monitor campaign performance in real-time for faster and better optimization.
  • The maximum file size is 5 MB. Supported file formats include JPG, GIF, PNG, and MP4.
  • Multiple ads can rotate and display together in one placement.
  • Generate a PDF and Excel file to give you a powerful summary of your campaign.